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Today's featured article/January 2007: Richard III is a 1955 British film adaptation of William Shakespeare's historical play Richard III. The film also contains elements of Shakespeare's Henry VI, part 3. It was directed by Laurence Olivier, who also played Richard. The cast includes many noted Shakespearean actors of the time, including a quartet of acting knights. The film depicts Richard plotting and conspiring to grasp the throne from his brother, King Edward, played by Cedric Hardwicke. In the process, many are killed and betrayed, with Richard's evil leading to his own downfall. The prologue of the film states that history without its legends would be "a dry matter indeed", thus the film admits that it is not portraying the actual events of the time, but rather the legend. Many critics now consider Olivier's Richard III his best screen version of Shakespeare. As well, the British Film Institute has called Olivier's rendition of the play "definitive" and that it has done more to popularise Shakespeare than any other single piece of work. (more...)
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Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of Akosiya: Wikipedia does not have a category with this exact name. Please browse the existing categories to check if the category is covered under another name.
Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by Nepal: Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by Nepal. For prisoners of Nepalese nationality sentenced to life imprisonment, see Category:Nepalese prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment.
Peg o' My Heart (1933 film): Peg o' My Heart is a 1933 film adaptation of the play of the same name by J. Hartley Manners. It starred Marion Davies as a poor Irish girl who stands to inherit a fortune if she satisfies certain conditions.
LDL apheresis: It is an expensive procedure, limiting its use to severe cases of hyperlipidemia.
High-stakes testing: The phrase "high stakes" is derived directly from a gambling term and is meant to imply that implementing such a system introduces uncertainty and potential losses for test takers, who must pass the exam to "win," instead of being able to obtain the goal with greater certainty through apparent effort, good attendance records, favoritism, the reputation of the educational institution, or other means that are either less related to the individual's actual skill or that are more open to manipulation of the examiner.
Complicated (album): "Okay", the album's lead single, was already recorded back in 2003. Though it was clear, that the track was going to be released as a single, the record company kept it under closure to introduce the upcoming Crunk & B style with newcomer Ciara and her "Goodies" track. No other single was released from Complicated and Nivea decided to leave Jive Records not long after the album's release.
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Guayabal, Independencia: Guayabal is a town in the Independencia province of the Dominican Republic.
Ustad Barin Mazumder: Barin Mazumder was born in an aristocratic Jamindar family at Radhanagar in Pabna District. Despite of the enrich ness of the family, Mazumder’s family was deeply involved with culture. His father Nishendra Mazumder was an artist and dramatist. His mother used to play Sitar. At the age of three he was caught up with Typhoid and lost his memory. He had his hobby about exercise was a member of Bishnupada Ghosh’s exercise club. His meet his interest in music his father took him to Kolkata where he first learnt music to Vishmadev Chatterjee. The first Raag that he learnt was “Raag Bhupali”. Two years later when his guru became (shonnasi) he came back to Pabna. But Mazumder was not satisfied and wanted to go to Lucknow to study about music in Maurice Music School. But his uncle who was the (korta) of the family did not let him to go. Instead he brought Ustad Roghurangan Gushwami from Lucknow to taught him music at home. At home he managed to finish the course of Maurice College. But his will to go to Lucknow made him decide to quit his house. When he reached to Lucknow, some Bengali boys helped him to take him to the Bengali hotel. At the time UdayShankar and Ravi Shankar was also in that hotel. At the college he met with his friend and music fellow Chinmoy Lahiri. Lahiri took him to the principal of the Maurice Music School and he was admitted into third year. There Lahiri taught him music beside college classes. Later Mazumder was attracted o Foiaz Khan and became his novice. One day when he was in a debate about a topic with Sunil, suddenly Sunil said that Mazumder can not sing. This seemed to be the turning point of his carrier as he challenged him and said he would become better than him in three months. After that he continued with his Rewaz (musical practice) and soon his song was faster than Sunil. Then one day as Sunil was in a show he went and performed the Raag of Sunil faster and this made Sunil understand his fault. As he continued to prepare him for music the time of partition came closer. During that the fees that came from home stopped and he had struggle hard to even manage the money to come back to home. So he mortgaged his favourite Tanpura and came back to Pabna during that very turmoil period.
Fritz Hoffmann: Hoffmann also competed in the 400 metres. He placed second in his preliminary heat, advancing to the final. There, he came in fourth place.
Higher Institute of Dramatic Art (Syria): Active in the day sections are Section representation and Section criticism and literature is both theatrical students of the first university degree. , The Institute is planning to complete the sections gradually provide space and the teaching staff also has the following sections.
Black Box EP: Track 1 and 2 appear on Keep Them Confused Track 3 later appeared on All The Best Songs Track 4 was never released[2]
Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame: The Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum is located on the main level of the MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg. The Players Wall is just inside the main entrance in the northeast corner and the Builders Wall is in the northwest corner. A Wall of Champions for teams in the Hall of Fame is located opposite the Builders Wall. The museum also includes a tribute to Olympic gold medallists and an enclosed memorabilia area. Until it was relocated to the new MTS Centre in late 2004, the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum was housed in the Winnipeg Arena. The Foundation also maintains a Wall of Fame photo gallery in the CanadInns Polo Park in Winnipeg.
Olof Skötkonung: The Icelandic skald Óttarr svarti spent some time at Olof's court and composed the poem Óláfsdrápa sœnska describing Olof's war expeditions in the east. Other skalds who served Olof were Gunnlaugr ormstunga, Hrafn Önundarson and Gizurr svarti.
List of Notable Cannabis users: Listcruft. As the article's talk page says, there is already a list of iconic smokers, and there is a subsection for cannabis smokers there. --Aurochs (Talk | Block)
Walshe (surname): Walshe is a surname, a variant of Walsh, meaning "Wales", originating in Wales, brought to Ireland by Normans. It is most common in County Mayo and County Kilkenny. There are other variants including "Welsh". Walshe is uncommon as a given name. People with the name Walshe include:[1]
Chance Myers: Myers played collegiate soccer at the UCLA from 2006 to 2007. Over two years he started in 26 of his 42 appearances and managed 4 goals and 4 assists. During his college years he also played in the USL Premier Development League with Ventura County Fusion.
William David McPherson: He was born in Moore Township, Lambton County, Canada West, the son of William McPherson, and educated in Strathroy. He married Nettie Bolton. McPherson was a Grand Master of the Orange Lodge for Canada. He served as Provincial Secretary and Registrar from 1916 to 1919.
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Pieter Grove: Pieter Grove (born March 20, 1986) is a Namibian cricketer. He is a right-handed batsman. During February 2006 he played five games in the Under-19 World Cup. Generally speaking, Grove is a high middle-order batsman, batting at third throughout the entire World Cup. Attended Bishop Strachan school.
Mitar Peković: Mitar Pekovici (born 28 September 1981) is a Serbian football player who currently plays for Romanian club Farul Constanta as a defender.
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